Analog blueprinting tips

Analog blueprinting tips

If you want to run a blueprinting session with post-its, here are some tips:

  • Get enough colors of stickies one for each layer type, and we suggest using the smaller stickies so you can fit more on the sheet
  • Have a key made with the sticky colors you have available (see our BP Anatomy Key)
  • Prep a butcher paper template set up
  • Create a grid on your template that can fit 4 small stickies per grid unit
  • Use bigger stickies for all labels on the blueprint so they are moveable (the layer types, and the steps)
  • Print and tape the step definitions and pictures of touchpoints at the top of your butcher paper template
  • Have enough wall space and enough people space in the room to all stand around the wall (scope this out ahead of time)

Example butcher paper blueprinting template:

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